Large appliances relocation is a really enigmatic task

If you are ready to home relocation bag and baggage, you will get to pack some small articles and some big articles. You can easily pack those smaller articles but the problem arises when you are to relocate bigger appliances. Otherwise, those things may get damaged. So you must take some essential steps to relocate all your belongings without any damage. Here are some major tips for you.

Disconnect and dismantle large appliances

No matter whether you have hired a moving company or going for self-move, you must do some tasks yourself. These are called pre-relocation works. Disconnection of household and electronic gadgets is very essential. If you can not dismantle by yourself you can hire professionals prior to the moving day. This will ensure the safety of your appliances. Remove every loose article from the larger appliances.

The refrigerator must be defrosted properly

You must defrost your freezer completely to prevent any kind of leakage. The usage of the refrigerator must be stopped one day before the moving day. Clean and dry all the selves and chiller to prevent mold to form.  No trace of water should be there in your fridge which may damage your fridge if it takes one or two weeks for re installation.

Take care of every part of every appliance

When you are dismantling large appliances you must make a list of all the things and keep those things with ultimate safety. If you find any smaller part is damaged you must contact the manufacturer and order new parts.

Large Appliances Relocation

Take extra care for kitchen appliances

Clean your stove completely and remove all the racks. The gas outlet must be turned off before disconnection from the stove. If you use electrical kitchenwares you must keep additional safety measure. Remove any glass trays from the microwave oven, clean completely, wrap it safety cover and pack it in a carton. The dishwasher must be disconnected, cleaned and dried thoroughly. You can leave the door open for one or two days before packing.

Manage the cords of the appliances

Once you unplug all appliances you must manage the cords. You can attach the cord of each appliance with packing tape. If cords hang loose those can be ripped and even damage the appliance. If cords can be completely disconnected from the appliances you can use the same color code to find you have to reinstall that in your new location.