Commercial Moving Specialists

Project Supervisors

Nationwide Movers Group will provide a qualified Project Supervisor to assist with move meetings, interviews and planning sessions. Depending on the size of the move, there may be more than one supervisor. Their responsibilities include planning and managing all phases of each move, provide oral and written instructions for packing and tagging meetings, provide detail analysis of manpower and material requirements, organize crew meetings prior to each move phase to familiarize crew members with requirements and goals for each move, implement cost control measures to keep the project on budget, the destination site will be tagged and marked with appropriate floor plans to ensure efficiency of each move sequence.

Property Protection

Nationwide Movers Group takes special care of your building and inventory to ensure complete protection of your belongings. Special covers protects carpets and tiled areas, preventing damage that can be caused by heavily loaded dollies or carts. Nationwide Movers Group uses heavy pads to protect elevators. Pads, cardboard and cardboard corner pieces are used to protect tight hallway turns and doorways, as well as the items being moved. Our thoroughness in property protection has earned Nationwide Movers Group an excellent reputation among building and property managers.


Nationwide Movers Group will provide you with colored special adhesive labels which adhere to cartons and furniture, but leave no residue on furniture or equipment when removed following the move. We have twelve different colors of labels to keep departments separate. Using this color system we can then devise a number and/or letter system to further simplify identification. Accurate detailed space floor plans are essential to tie in with the labeling system.

Computer and other High Value Equipment Moving

For sensitive electronic items to be moved, Nationwide Movers Group will provide an expert crew trained in handling sensitive equipment. We excel in handling delicate materials. This portion of the move will be treated as a separate move, using specially outfitted air-ride trucks. We will load your small computers on specially designed computer carts.

Packing Materials

Nationwide Movers Group will provide you with specially designed office moving cartons for all necessary packing. These cartons are designed not to require tape. Packing materials will be delivered to you prior to the move at your convenience.

Security Measures

Constant supervision by key management people is essential to protect the level of security. Additional professional security can be arranged if required. Nationwide Movers Group employees will follow all check-in procedures as may be required by your company and/or building management.